Saturday, February 16, 2008


I'm now unable to post to my blog – I was hoping the blog reinstates itself but it's been quite a few days now so I’ve lost patience! Here's a few of the old posts. I can’t seem to access the ones before these ones.

Hump Day - posted on February 13 2008

I can't believe it's Wednesday already - this week is just flying past.

The Chinese New Year parade was good with lots of fire crackers and dragons. Trelise really enjoyed the costumes and make up that people were wearing. Trelise had a busy weekend so she was really tired on Sunday afternoon and that made the outing problematic - Trelise was fine but both Wayne and I were pretty tense as we thought she could blow at any moment!

I finally got into my course on Monday - it's pretty easy and I managed to get through about quarter of the course material! Still to do the assignments but they are pretty easy. They will take some time because they are a bit fiddly but they are really straight forward.

Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary and while Trelise was at crèche we walked into town and had lunch at Dockside. Lunch was lovely and it was a beautiful day for the walk and sitting at the waterfront. Of course I broke my alcohol ban but now back on the wagon with a slight fuzzy head. Before lunch we had a look around the baby factory to work out our next baby purchases - exersaucer, high chair's etc - my babies aren't real little babies anymore (sob).

I've got my weigh in tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. I think because I had a large loss last week my body is holding on to all it can this week!

And Trelise's final word - when trying to get me to do something for her and I was refusing "You've ruined me Mama". You know all I could say was "Yes I probably have!"

Picnic - posted 10 February 2008

We went for a picnic at the Rimutaka National Park yesterday with Wayne's work. It was a small turnout but we had a really good time even Chiquita and Carlos. It's been a long long time since we have been to the park and alot has changed. Alot of the pine forest has been felled leaving it quite bare and barren. Shane brought along a couple of kites and we had a lot of fun flying them. Trelise flew a kite for the first time and was kept entertained with it for ages. I haven't posted pictures of the babies for a while so here's Juliette

And Madeleine

We are off to see the Chinese New Year parade this afternoon and we are hoping the rain holds off!

Trelise's last word - "Mummy your tummy has got smaller, you need to eat more food" I was very excited to hear this one!

Finally it's Arrived - posted 8 February 2008

Finally my Welcome Pack has arrived from the SIT - no course papers with it. I'm guessing they are still winging there way to me. I've been so desperate to start! At least things seem to be happening. I forgot Trelise's bag for crèche this morning so had to come home once I'd drop her off and then go back again and then come home again - The drop off ended up taking me about an hour in the end. I guess I won't be doing that one again. I'm really tired this morning and it's my excuse. I'm listening to my little girls squawk with delight in bed - it's very cute. I'm surprised they are still awake however I sure it won't be long until they pop off to sleepyland.

Mads and Jules are having a hard time with number two's at the moment (this blog seems to be a lot about poo at the moment while I guess three small children will do that to you it was never my intention!) I'm thinking the vitamins they are taking are causing it so I'm very tempted to stop - we have enough for a few more weeks and then I was going to stop anyway. I might try cutting down and only giving it to them every second day to see if it helps. Poor babies just aren't happy.

And a final thought from Trelise - when going to pick Trelise up from crèche yesterday the new teachers said to me "Does Trelise live on a farm?" No, I replied "Well she keeps saying she does and is obsessed with Farmers!" all I could say to this was "The closest Trelise has been on a farm is Lindale!" (Lindale is a farm tourist attraction outside Wellington) I'm not sure that's a good or a bad thing!

Ballerina - posted 7 February 2008

It's such an awesome day here today - no wind and lots of sun. Kath and I walked into town this morning around the waterfront and it was absolutely lovely. There is a cruise ship in town so lots of elderly tourist pottering around who commented on the babies.

Kath and I were sitting in Starbucks having a coffee when one lady rushed past me and muttered "there goes trouble" in my ear. Madeleine and Juliette were sitting in their buggy awake but quiet looking cute - why would you say such a thing - they weren't doing anything!

Whoopie - went to weight watchers today and had a loss of 1.6 kilo's - got my 10% star as well after a little discussion about how you only get one and as this is my second time around at weight watchers I shouldn't be getting another - bollocks I say! To be fair they didn't really argue much with me.

I've come home hoping to find my welcome pack from the SIT but sadly not here. I've just rung to find it's because I didn't provide id. It's enough to drive you made really as they gave me an option (which I ticked) for them to verify for an extra charge. I just couldn't face dragging the twinnies around town to do it. They don’t seem to know their own application form and they seemed surprised that there was such an option. I’m so looking forward to starting and the wait is just about killing me! Trelise's comment of the day - when seeing my knees this morning "Mummy are those your knees?" Yes, I replied "You're not a ballerina are you" There goes that dream!

Waitangi Day - posted 6 February 2008

Funny end to the rug doctor saga. I finished washing the carpets - ended up doing our bedroom and the lounge again to use up all of the washing solution. I washed the machine down, dried it and managed to put it into the car. I returned to the house feeling very pleased with myself and was about to put the girls into the car to return the machine before the hire period finished. Instead getting out of the house directly before anything went wrong like a smart person would do I chose to ring Wayne and tell him how wonderful the carpet was looking - while I was on the phone Maddie started to cry multi tasking as I do - I picked her and walked around the house while finishing my conversation. Just as I went to hang up the phone it happened Maddie chucked all over the hall carpet. I just couldn't believe it! My carpet was perfect for maybe 10 minutes! Not that it matters now as Trelise has smeared banana on it this morning!

It's Waitangi day and we are just hanging around the house. We had good intentions to go and do something exciting but it hasn't happened. Wayne and Trelise have been to the park with great success. Maddie and Jules have just had some rolling practice with Trelise helping to motivate them. Jules was in fine form today and was easily rolling around. Maddie seemed quite content to sit back and be hit in the head by her sisters flying feet! I've been trying to get them interested in playing with toys - they love the play gym but don't seem to know what to do with free toys. I'm also trying to teach them to pass toys from one hand to the other as the Developmental Therapists suggestion.

At around 12.30 the whole house descended into chaos and all three were sent to bed so it's all quiet here now! Might even go for a rest myself. Wayne's making hummus and we are watching people going up and down checking out the tiny bedsit for rent next door.

The Rug Doctor - posted 5 February 2008

I've spent the last two hours while bubba 2 and bubba 3 are sleeping cleaning my carpet! The rug doctor has done a fantastic job of getting bath crayon, yogurt, tomato sauce and other unmentionables that my blonde bandit has thrown off the carpet. If I had known it was so easy I would have done it months ago! I'm not patiently waiting for my babies to wake up so I can do their room and then we are done. Not sure how I'm going to return it with Mads and Jules in tow. I need to do some shopping as well but fitting the buggy and the rug doctor into the car will be a bit tight I think.

Walk was great last night - it was lightly raining but it felt really good to get out of the house and leave Wayne to deal with the munchkins much to his horror! It was only Lisa and I so we trotted off and went further than we usually do - I guess that's what happens when we are left to our own devices. I'm sure the others will be some what shocked at the new route!

It's Waitangi Day tomorrow a public holiday - anyone have suggestions on what we should do? We want to get out and about and try something new.

Right - one awake - one to go!

Our Monoamniotic Monochorionic Twins - posted 4 February 2008

I've finally written our story for the Monoamniotic website - The whole mono thing with Madeleine and Juliette had such an impact on our life last year. It was really good to write it all down and publish on the net. Hopefully it will help others to know that there is yet another success story especially for other New Zealand families facing the same thing.

For those of you that aren't aware Madeleine and Juliette are Monoamniotic Monochorionic twins - this means both babies shared an amniotic sac. A pretty simple explanation is - most identical twins are divided by a membrane which stops them becoming entangled in each others cords but in Monoamniotic Monochorionic twins there is no dividing membrane. This means that they have a high risk of cord compression from the entanglement. I spent 7 weeks in hospital being monitored and then the girls were in Neonates for another 6 – 7 weeks after they were born. So it certainly claimed 2007 for us! Anyway our story is here if you are interested in reading it.;f=14;t=000284;p=1#000000
I'm eagerly awaiting my welcome pack from the Southern Institute of Technology. I have decided to do a Desktop Publishing Course - I should fly through it so it's just a test really to see how I can fit study around the girls. And of course the SIT has a zero fees policy so if I bomb out I won't have extra on top of my huge student loan!

My aim for today is get the house ready for me to hire a rug doctor when Trelise is at crèche tomorrow as I'm looking around and the lounge looks like a badly run daycare I have my doubts of this happening. Cleaning the carpet excites me somewhat - sad I know but I've been putting it off until Trelise gets the hang of toilet training and finally I'm thinking she has - apart from the poo incident yesterday but I'm chalking that up to tiredness. I will of course just jinxed myself!

Early this morning Trelise said to me "Mummy you be antelope and I'll be baby antelope" as I wasn't dressed the neighbours will be pleased that I that I managed to avoid leaping around the living room naked trying to be graceful!