Monday, March 17, 2008

Speech Therapist

Finally had the Speech Therapist appointment for Trelise. It all went well and the Therapist thinks that she is in the normal developmental range. I tried to ensure a bit of compliance from my wee angel so told her that Kathryn is coming to see her and if she behaves and does what she is asked I would give her a treat. Of course that worked well for a while until the games were finished - then she says "I've been good, I want a treat, I want a treat" I gave her one and then my little friend started up with I want tv, I want tv. I'm sure that child can smell weakness. I'm sure the Speech Therapist wasn't to impressed with my quality parenting - first the sugary treats and then I caved in virtually instantaneously with television - in my defense I needed to hear what the Therapist was recommending!

I am getting my own back - I'm taking her to Junglerama this afternoon with Bella. She loves Junglerama but not so keen on the Bella (Muwhahahaha).