Friday, December 12, 2008

Back for good this time

I haven't been slack and not posting! Our PC died and it's taken us a few days to realise that it's unfixable and we needed to go and buy a new one.

I've got so much to blog about from the last few weeks!

We are settling into Paraparaumu well. For me it's a little unfortunate that everything is or has wound down for Christmas so we can't get out there and meet lots of new people until things start up again. I do however have a small twin mum catch up to go to on Monday.

It's quite exciting discovering new things around town. Even though we have been on hoilday heaps I've never lived anywhere apart from Wellington. I'm learning patience when it comes to the old people. Slowly learning patience I must admit when someone is doing 20 in a 70 area or when they walk as a pack and me and the double stroller and whining three year old just can't get past!

Trelise seems really happy and is trying to make new friends at kindy. She is stuffed after the session which is only a couple of hours. Surprisingly as she is used to full days at creche. It's hard making friends and she broke my heart yesterday as she was telling Wayne a story about an ant who was starting a new creche and didn't have any friends but was trying really hard to make new friends. I'm hoping that on Monday one of the twin mothers will have a 4 year old girl for Trelise to meet or at least know someone who does! Apart from that is loving being up here.

Maddie and Jules have taken trouble to a new level. On one hand I'm glad to see the teamwork but on the other hand the trouble they get into! I was always thankful that Trelise wasn't a climber as a toddler - I have not been so blessed this time! And the fighting over possessions - it's a dog eat dog world here!