Monday, June 15, 2009

Two Years Ago

I had just been admitted to Wellington Hospital for what I hoped was a long uneventful stay and that it would mean that we would have a successful monoamniotic twin pregnancy. To learn more about monoamniotic pregnancies click here

I felt really grateful that I was able to be admitted as an inpatient without a struggle, unlike many mono mothers. It was however a traumatic six weeks until the girls were delivered. My heart still breaks when I remember my first day and Trelise turning to me at the door and saying "Mummy lets go" and having to say to my little girl "Sorry Mummy has to stay here for the babies" and hearing her sob all the way off the floor. Trelise is such a brave little girl.

It was a relief being in hospital - I didn't have to worry if Madeleine and Juliette were alive and I had done so much planning for this hospital stay it was easier being there than thinking of what was coming ahead. I worried about Trelise mentally and how my absence was going at affect her but I knew that Wayne was more the capable of looking after her.

I had struggles with the midwives on the ward who didn't understand why I was there. They placed little importance on monitoring my babies and would put this task as a low priority. At the beginning of my stay monitoring sessions where often missed. One memorable comment was said after a few minutes of trying to get the girls on the monitor "I've got better things to do than this, I'm off to bath a baby". I had others challenge my right to be in-patient and straight out ask me why I was so special as others didn't get this treatment.

I'm proud of the way I stood up for myself and my girls and demanded from the house surgeons that they educate the ward midwives and solve these issues. I hope that my in-patient stay will at least give more understanding to other mono mothers coming after me at Wellington hospital.

Six weeks however was a short price to pay to have my beautiful babies here and two years on I'm still extremely thankful that our journey had such a positive outcome.


I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I'm always amazed and horrified when I hear about midwives or nurses making such rude comments about patients!! Obviously you were there for a reason!

Katie said...

I cannot believe it has been two years since that happened....time has flown by so fast since then, and what beautiful little girls they are :) I am coming to take one of them back with me in August

Casey's trio said...

WOW! I can't believe you received those comments while you were in the hospital.

girlytwins said...

Holy Moly. That is awful. Way to go for standing up for your girls.

I get chills still everytime I think 'our' hospital stays.

Laura said...

How horrible I lost your blog. What a wonderful post this is. What a wonderful mother you are! I always tell Mom's that they will never regret doing "too much" just not enough! You did great!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

You would think that they would educate the staff! Obviously you were there for a reason, no one just hangs out in the hospital. When I had my son he was delivered by c-section and of course there was bleeding. I was hot and uncomfortable and called for help and clean up since I couldn't get out of the bed. The attendant came in and declared me "dirty." Um, really? Hospitals should really do better.