Friday, March 4, 2011

I might be accused of favoritism!

It's Wayne's Birthday tomorrow so I made him a cake. I'm usually known for my cakes and I'm guessing that this one will be the same but for different reasons!

The cake tin I used didn't have the effect I was hoping for and I let the girls decorate it. I'm beginning to think that giant cupcake mould wasn't such a bargain! Also 6 year olds tend to eat more icing than they put on the cake - who would have guessed that!

I think he will be surprised!

Just to prove I haven't lost my touch! I also made a cake for my friend Genna's birthday party tomorrow - she is having a Barbie BBQ and this is what I came up with.


Katie said...

Great cakes! I have NO idea what you are talking about with the favoritism though, they are both wonderful :)

Mom said...

Hi I love the cakes! I haven't been around in a while I am just startign to get back into the swing of things.