Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rainy Adventure

It's the middle of winter and even after a bit of taunting Wayne has taken the girls on a rainy adventure.

First no one wanted to go and then Juliette decided that she would.  Wayne dressed her in a thermal, tinkerbell costume, jersey, raincoat, sunhat and gumboots.

Trelise and Madeleine refused to go.  They went to leave and Madeleine had a change of heart so she was all dressed up in wet weather gear.  Trelise still refused to go.  As they were leaving Trelise decided that she to would come on the adventure.  All dressed up they headed out.

How will this adventure end?

At 13 minutes Trelise and Madeleine arrived home.  Trelise screaming (surprise, surprise) but Madeleine in good spirits.  Juliette and Wayne headed back out to feed some wet ducks!