Thursday, January 28, 2010

Differences between girls and boys

It's turned out that pretty much all of our friends only have female children. There are boys which my girls play with but they are far in the minority.

Yesterday Trelise noticed that Morimoto is a boy and she said "Mummy Morimoto is a boy and I can tell because I can see his dangly thing"

I admit that I've neglected the whole sex education thing. It hasn't really come up but we have had discussions on what the correct word is. So seizing the opportunity to again explain the differences between girls and boys I said "Trelise do you know what that's called?"

"No" she answered

"Well it's called a penis, can you say penis?"

She repeats and I follow on with "What's your bottom called?"

The answer?

"Duh, Normal" (in a rolling her eyes kind of way - she's getting a bit sassy of late!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

What do you do when you really really want to be naked but it's just a little cold?

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Trelise

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Lise
Happy Birthday to you!

We had a fairytale themed birthday party this year with a surprise visitor!

I loved seeing the look of surprise on your face when you realised what was in our front garden

You and your friends were all delighted and lined up to ride the unicorn

There goes my horse mad almost 5 year old!

Present time!
and then the cake

Happy Birthday dear Lise. You are our shiny golden girl and we love you so much


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Since September!

This is going to be one long post!

It's been a while!

I have a few excuses but none really good enough!

So in the last 4 months this has been going on:

This year we had a witch and two little devils

Sadly in-between arriving home and Halloween half Madeleine and Juliette's costumes either went astray or were broken! So at the last minute we swapped and they became


There's been alot of helping with rennovations

Not all of it helpful

We discovered that sand made a good medium to practice writing names

and that the strawberry festival was a good way to welcome in summer.

There was music


a bouncy castle

and of course strawberries!

Wayne finally had a very successful fishing trip

We went to a superhero costume party and the girls were:

The powerpuff girls!
(I even straighened Jules hair!)

Then there was Trelise's school visit's. I can't believe she is about to be a big school girl :(

Here she is school bag on and ready to go!

and we said good bye to kindy :(

Trelise made a birthday cake from playdoh

She got to show her kindy friends some special times she had had at kindy

and finally one last game.

I promised myself I wouldn't cry!

And then Christmas rolled around

We fed the reindeer

and grew candycanes

left some snacks out for Santa

and low and behold it worked!!!

The candy canes grew

and the stockings were filled!

at the end of the day we had:

three happy girls

one bouncing trampoline

and a Daddy covered in stickers!

After Christmas Katie and Mal braved the insanity and gave the Oliver household a visit.

We had a blast and did some touristy things

We went to the bird santurday

and then to a farm park

We were sad to see them go but looking forward to meeting their new addition!

Then we went on a big adventure!

We drove through a river to get to this historic site

Never did find out what it was!

Then we picked strawberries

And lastly we went camping and got my absolute favourite picture