Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

Jules just loves her Mummy's kisses!

Wordless Wednesday has now changed to Wordful Wednesday!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

I've found my passport!

It's quiet here as they are ALL asleep (this time for real!). I've used to my time to climb into the ceiling and search for my passport which has been missing for a while. I did try and report it missing but the amount of paperwork I had to fill out as well as a visit to my local police station put me off and so I decided to have one last search.

Yippee I found it!

It has expired a year ago so I'll still have to fill out paperwork!
But my countdown to Sydney and Katie and Mal's wedding is on! Only 7 weeks and 3 days to go!
Next what to wear and then what to pack!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

And the destruction continues

She was supposed to be asleep.

The house was quiet and Wayne and I had settled down and were waiting for the synchronized swimming to start.

Wayne then discovers a small amount of blue paint in the bathroom. Where did this come from he thinks? Ponders for a while before thinking that maybe not all our children are asleep.

Sadly he was right.

Trelise had discovered some paint that we had kept in her room. It was up high and had been there for years! She found it and thought it would be amusing to use it.

Here are the results of her artwork!

Why the footprints you ask? Well she didn't just paint the floor she also used the paint to decorate herself.

We were lucky as the paint hadn't dried so we were able to get it off the floor and the bed. Thankfully the duvet cover was the only thing ruined. I am now very concerned with the thought of what Madeleine and Juliette will be able to get up to!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I can't decide Mummy if I am a Fairy or a Princess? Strangely clown was not an option!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yesterday was a tough day!

My sweet three year old was overtaken by a whining, naughty, naked monster. We didn't end up taking our walk as I couldn't make her even though it was her suggestion! Clothes weren't popular or following instructions.

Did she do 1 thing she was asked yesterday?

No, not 1!

How many things can 1 child manage to ruin in one bad bad day - $10 tube of nappy rash creme, followed by a cheaper $5 tube, half a bottle of shaving balm, a toothbrush head (also about $10) which was dipped in shaving balm, lipstick ($20), mascara ($15), half a tube of bonjela still missing in action ($10), half a tube of margarine ($2), her mother's mind (priceless!)

You will note the margarine in her hand - she was found behind the couch quietly eating it - yuck!

Am I glad that she is at creche today?


But I do have a wonderful picture for tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday - what happens when you send a naughty child to her room for the hundredth time!

And while the big girl is away the babies play!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Oliver Update

I've been slack with the blogging

I know I have been and also slack with the commenting and reading of everyone else's!

We have had shocking weather here for the last couple of weeks - pretty much rained everyday. I did think Seasonal Affective Disorder was a bit of rubbish but now I'm not sure! It's a lovely day here today - the sun is out and it's warm and not windy and best of all no rain clouds!

We escaped the big city over the weekend and went to stay with Wayne's parents. We had a great time sadly the weather made it impossible to get out and about on Saturday as we had hoped. But I did make it to the Pumpkin Patch outlet shop and wasn't disappointed!

Wayne and I got to leave the kids with Nana and Poppa and walked to the beach front for a meal. We finished off the evening with a very unsuccessful stop at the TAB. I realise now that I'm no good at picking harness racing - the dogs is far more my cup of tea! So $6 down we headed home to watch the replay of Georgina and Caroline Evers-Swindell winning! Go identical twins. I think Wayne now has great visions on how we can train our identical twins to win gold!

Madeleine has an appointment with her surgeon this afternoon and call me crazy but I'm going to attempt to walk with all three girls. We have a had an up and down morning with Trelise's behaviour being off the wall at times. She has spent a large amount of time in her bedroom this morning but has emerged in a far better mood so I have hope that we will have a nice walk this afternoon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The latest dieters in our house

Babies, Finger Food and Little Dogs do not go together.

They are now on diets and none to pleased about it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We are the Champions!

I've now got $150 of pumpkin patch vouchers burning a hole in my pocket!

We went to our Multiple Birth Annual Quiz Night last night and lucky for Wayne and I joined the winning team! We had a really good time (which is a good thing as I did organise it!). I would like to say that I was an integral part of the team but sadly after the celebrity gossip section was axed my field of expertise is very limited. I could however give Bono's real name and Julia Robert's husband's name! Wayne managed a winning performance of MC Hammers can't touch this and won us a bonus point!

I left poor Deborah in charge of my tribe - the texted photo's of my children up at various times throughout the evening did amuse me. Probably didn't amuse her as much especially as I did promise that they would all be in bed. To add insult to injury we copied the opening ceremony of the Olympic's to DVD for her. It took ages and ages as it was taped in high definition. I realised this morning that we had forgotten to finalise it so it won't play in her player.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I've been insulted

I know that most twin mothers can give you a list of things they are so sick of hearing!

Double trouble, you have your hands full, or just plain TWINS! when you walk past.

I feel quite fortunate that up until now pretty much all of our comments have been positive. I am excluding double trouble here as just something annoying people say - annoying people but generally well meaning people. I generally have lovely conversations with people about my girls and how wonderful they are. For me I love this after all the stress of a monoamniotic pregnancy and NICU stay still fresh in my mind to have strangers admire my babies is something that I cherish.

Well today we took a family trip to Te Papa. Te Papa is our national museum and it's a very hands on kid friendly place filled with families. All 5 of us got into the lift and before the doors closed an middle aged couple squeezed in. The man said and I quote "you best be getting a tv to keep yourselves occupied"

I was floored absolutely floored. I cannot understand why my family size would be of any interest to anyone else and why you would feel that such a comment was appropriate to be said and even slightly amusing. Now I know that as soon as the man had exited the lift our encounter would have been forgotten to him but I have flumed all day!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trip to the zoo

I know I'm biased but my kid is seriously cute!

Trelise and her Daddy have got ready and gone to the zoo this morning. Getting ready has been a whole event it's a nice day but really cold and windy. For Trelise this is tough as she doesn't quite understand how the sun can be shining but why we are insisting that she wears warm items. She honestly would head out wearing a summer skirt with a short sleeved t-shirt if we let her!

We have battled with her but finally she is dressed to our satisfaction. The outfit she is wearing has a hat - made by my lovely friend Nik, a red scarf, a demin dress with a monkey on it and more amazingly for those who know my child - stockings with her crocodile gumboots. This is just a miracle for my nudist vegetarian!

After preening her self in the mirror and demanding a little candy pink lipgloss she was ready to go. Sadly Daddy did not pass inspection as he was not pretty enough. First he was told that he had to shave - "you can't possibly go out with a dirty face Daddy" and then he needed some lipstick before she would leave.

They were last seen both with a little gloss and a pocket full of lollipops skipping down the road.


Finally I joined Twitter after only a few reminders from Carissa.

What is Twitter?

Clarissa says it far better than me and I'm to lazy this morning to come up with anything of my own! So check out this link social-networks-what-are-they

It's taken me a while to get a hang of the whole Twitter Tweet thing and now I feel like Nigel no mates as I only have a few friends!

So check out Twitter and give me a tweet!

Oh Carissa, Arizona, Deanna and ThreeunderTwo I love you all!