Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trip to the zoo

I know I'm biased but my kid is seriously cute!

Trelise and her Daddy have got ready and gone to the zoo this morning. Getting ready has been a whole event it's a nice day but really cold and windy. For Trelise this is tough as she doesn't quite understand how the sun can be shining but why we are insisting that she wears warm items. She honestly would head out wearing a summer skirt with a short sleeved t-shirt if we let her!

We have battled with her but finally she is dressed to our satisfaction. The outfit she is wearing has a hat - made by my lovely friend Nik, a red scarf, a demin dress with a monkey on it and more amazingly for those who know my child - stockings with her crocodile gumboots. This is just a miracle for my nudist vegetarian!

After preening her self in the mirror and demanding a little candy pink lipgloss she was ready to go. Sadly Daddy did not pass inspection as he was not pretty enough. First he was told that he had to shave - "you can't possibly go out with a dirty face Daddy" and then he needed some lipstick before she would leave.

They were last seen both with a little gloss and a pocket full of lollipops skipping down the road.


Trooper Thorn said...

Tell Daddy it is the truly manly who will do WHATEVER his daughter asks. At least that's how I've been rationalizing things for years. Read my posting "What's with all the nudity?" to see how my kids never dress for the weather.

Glad to know it was you and not a crazy person out on her lawn this morning. Thanks for the heads up Jocasta.

Debra said...


The clothing thing wiull get better. I promise. Or maybe I have just learned to over look it. LOL

Stephanie said...

I love how Daddy was required to wear lipstick! Cute, cute, cute!

Karen said...

It's funny to see you in coats and hats when it is summer and hot an humid up in this part of the world.

Your children are beautiful!