Sunday, August 24, 2008

And the destruction continues

She was supposed to be asleep.

The house was quiet and Wayne and I had settled down and were waiting for the synchronized swimming to start.

Wayne then discovers a small amount of blue paint in the bathroom. Where did this come from he thinks? Ponders for a while before thinking that maybe not all our children are asleep.

Sadly he was right.

Trelise had discovered some paint that we had kept in her room. It was up high and had been there for years! She found it and thought it would be amusing to use it.

Here are the results of her artwork!

Why the footprints you ask? Well she didn't just paint the floor she also used the paint to decorate herself.

We were lucky as the paint hadn't dried so we were able to get it off the floor and the bed. Thankfully the duvet cover was the only thing ruined. I am now very concerned with the thought of what Madeleine and Juliette will be able to get up to!


Connie said...

So she's been a busy girl huh??? These are the days....when we have to lock everything away!! Alexa was like that but not the boys....maybe your twins won't be so mischevious????

Good N Crazy said...

She's a fireball. THAT's what I have to say. FIRE...BALL! And in true grandma fashion, enjoy 'em while they're young, I mean just think of the fun things they will put you through when they are ALL teenagers!!

I think you need a little boy soon....

Tracy said...

This was so funny to read & see the pics, until I thought about that happening in our home. ugh. holy poop - so much for a quiet evening with Wayne, and thank God it was easy to clean up - you are one busy woman.

Katie said...

Oh that is hilarious! Have you considered selling her????

Debra said...

Ouch! That is worse than puffy paint! Thankfully you did not have carpet! Smart MOM!

The Pruetz Family said...

OH MY! Now THAT is one for the records books! I'm envious of the way you can keep your cool and even remember to take photos. Super mom, you are!

Karen said...

Oh my, I am in big trouble if this is what 1 little girl can do.
You will laugh at this when she is a teenager.