Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Oh Madeleine!

I'm guessing you like pizza!!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My 18th year was tough. I look back now and the only good thing was a little grey kitten I rescued from the SPCA. I remember the first time I saw him vividly he was fighting one of his litter mates. I thought he had spunk. I brought him home on the bus and decided on the journey that his name was to be Frederick - Fred or Freddy for short.

In the past 16 years he's collected many names. Grey Boy, Jungle Boy, Freddy Ready, Freddy Foo, or just Foo Foo. My life and all the memories in it are intertwined with a little grey cat.

In all the good times and bad he has been sleeping next to my head always ready for a pat or a cuddle. Every time I leave the house I look forward to coming home and seeing him.

I thought I was prepared for the news I heard today. I knew he was sick and I hoped that it was a reaction to medication or just hair balls. But no he's got a tumour in his chest next to his stomach. The vet thinks that he has a few days to a few weeks to live. My heart is broken and I'm not sure how I'm going to get through the next wee while knowing that shortly he's not going to be with us.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Madeleine and Juliette

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Madeleine and Juliette,
Happy Birthday to you!

Oh My - It's hard to believe that my 3.3 pound (1.5 kilo) and 3.5 pound (1.6 kilo) babies are now 2!

Those tiny scrawny little girls are now still scrawny but can run, climb and jump. They love to dance and draw and play with each other and their big sister. They are starting to talk and have lots of words and are starting to say more sentences.

We transformed the house into a under the sea themed event to celebrate the big 2!

Birthday Girl Miss Madeleine

Birthday Girl Miss Juliette

Saving me a huge amount of work I ordered pizza instead of doing the usual party food and I think it worked out cheaper!

The cake was a hit

That is more icing than a small girl should eat!

And presents - lots and lots of presents!

And one of my highlights of the day - a great family photo!

Friday, July 24, 2009

M and J's 2nd Birthday Party - The Countdown is on!

Well the countdown is well and truly on as the party is tomorrow!

We are having a under the water theme. I have little mermaid costumes for Maddie and Jules and Trelise of course already has a mermaid number that she is quite fond of pulling out.

Planning is all going well and I'm far more under control than previous parties. I have a little more cleaning to do and the decorations have to go up and toys to entertain the children have to be put out.

And most importantly the cakes are done!

Here is Juliette's Octopus - she thinks it's a doggie

and for Madeleine a fish

Watch out for more party pictures!

Friday, July 17, 2009

NZ Post

We moved from Wellington 6 months ago now - you would think our mail redirection would have been sorted out in this time. But no!

I could honestly scream! It's such a simple thing. Pay $85 and for a whole year NZ post will redirect any mail that is addressed to us at our old address and send it to our new one.

Our problems started with moving to Wayne's parents for two weeks while we waited for settlement on the house. I would have just held our mail but this stops all mail to the property and our downstairs tennant Johno would not have been pleased with this so instead I redirected from 20 Sutherland Crescent to Wayne's parents address. That worked.

We moved into our new house and so I redirected from 20 Sutherland Crescent to our new house. Well I thought I did however NZ Post then redirected from Wayne's parents to our new house. Strangely not much mail comes to you at an address that you have only been in for two weeks!

I rang and was told it was fixed. And of course it wasn't. I rang again and was told that it couldn't be done over the phone and I had to drag my tribe to the postshop to provide identification for it to be changed.

Now my children will be perfect angels until they get through the door of a post shop! I don't know why I seem to always get a huge queue and I end up having moaning and whining children which seems to stop as soon as we are out the door.

So now all the addresses are right but still mail not redirected - more and more phone calls and visits to the branch.

Then it all seems good.

Until parcels of mail start arriving again with Johno's handwriting. I take a deep breath and hope that it's just a one off. But of course it's not.

But today we have got mail for 15 Sutherland Crescent! So we can't get our own mail but have no problem receiving mail for another household!