Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My 18th year was tough. I look back now and the only good thing was a little grey kitten I rescued from the SPCA. I remember the first time I saw him vividly he was fighting one of his litter mates. I thought he had spunk. I brought him home on the bus and decided on the journey that his name was to be Frederick - Fred or Freddy for short.

In the past 16 years he's collected many names. Grey Boy, Jungle Boy, Freddy Ready, Freddy Foo, or just Foo Foo. My life and all the memories in it are intertwined with a little grey cat.

In all the good times and bad he has been sleeping next to my head always ready for a pat or a cuddle. Every time I leave the house I look forward to coming home and seeing him.

I thought I was prepared for the news I heard today. I knew he was sick and I hoped that it was a reaction to medication or just hair balls. But no he's got a tumour in his chest next to his stomach. The vet thinks that he has a few days to a few weeks to live. My heart is broken and I'm not sure how I'm going to get through the next wee while knowing that shortly he's not going to be with us.


Katie said...

Ia m so sorry Jo :( You are so lucky to have had 16 wonderful years with him. Big hugs coming your way (you can even have them in person in a week and a bit!)

LJS said...

Jo - I so feel for you. At least you have three beautiful and very busy girls that will help take your mind off it a little. Nothing I can say will make you feel better. Thinking of you xx

girlytwins said...

I am so sorry to hear this Jocasta. Our pets are very treasured parts of our family too :)

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your cat!! That's so sad! My chihuahua died in June and I had had her for 15 years, so I understand what you are going through. It's so hard to lose a beloved pet. (((hugs!)))