Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yesterday was a tough day!

My sweet three year old was overtaken by a whining, naughty, naked monster. We didn't end up taking our walk as I couldn't make her even though it was her suggestion! Clothes weren't popular or following instructions.

Did she do 1 thing she was asked yesterday?

No, not 1!

How many things can 1 child manage to ruin in one bad bad day - $10 tube of nappy rash creme, followed by a cheaper $5 tube, half a bottle of shaving balm, a toothbrush head (also about $10) which was dipped in shaving balm, lipstick ($20), mascara ($15), half a tube of bonjela still missing in action ($10), half a tube of margarine ($2), her mother's mind (priceless!)

You will note the margarine in her hand - she was found behind the couch quietly eating it - yuck!

Am I glad that she is at creche today?


But I do have a wonderful picture for tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday - what happens when you send a naughty child to her room for the hundredth time!

And while the big girl is away the babies play!


Laura said...

Oh my! What a girl. Are you sure she isn't my girls triplet. The trouble my twins get into (at almost 4) is still mind boggling. I hope you got a rest today. I think my sanity would be totally lost!

Anonymous said...

Oooh yuck, that tub of margarine is disgusting! Nice to see the real (evil) Trelise still comes out every now and then.

Laurie said...

I am so sorry about the make-up. Gabby did that to me. She ruined all the make-up I did have and then Jeff replaced it at Christmas for me. Then she did it again. She has ruined it all. It is aggravating when they have no concept of money and it is wasted.

Hang in there!!!

Jaime said...

Holy cow! All that in a day?! My sanity would be lost as well!

Claremont First Ward said...

The twins look so cute, and the margarine picture is priceless. Hope you have your mind back today. I hate days like that. We've had more things ruined in the past 2 years than I even like to think about....:)

Stephanie said...

I think the terrible twos are WAY over-rated. It's definately three at our house, too. Naked, whining, crying, screaming, not following directions monster...but most times very incredibly sweet.

Shannon said...

Oh I just hate those days. It seems like they wake up and have you rnumber. They are bound and determined to make life for mommy difficult. What can you do. Pray for a school day I suppose.

Debra said...

3 is HARD for moms. Just plain hard. Everyday. I am not excited about the twins turniing 3 next yr!! 4 eases things up a bit, once you get closer to 5. I wonder if it is a blessing though, as we will see what they will be like as teenagers. That way we can prepare ourselves for that stage!

Lala said...

Butter? HAHA.. I had a friend who used to eat it all the time.. made me sick! ;)

girlytwins said...

She is something. That's a lot of stuff to replace. I hope tomorrow is better for you :)