Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poor Trelise

On Friday Trelise woke up with a headache. You know those times where you are really unsure if you child is unwell - well it was one of those. I gave her some Panadol and she perked up.

It will surprise no one that Trelise has another quirk! A love of Panadol. Where other parents have to force this medication into their children my big girl just loves it. To the point where if she sees it she will make up illnesses or injuries in the hope of getting some of that pink goodness! Lucky for me she is not up with lying properly yet so a simple question "Does it really hurt or do you just want the Panadol?" generally sorts out it!

I really debated not sending her to creche but in the end I thought that once she was there she would be fine. Didn't help matters that Poppa was coming to paint our bathroom and I could see her throwing herself at the newly painted walls all day!

I did however speak to one of the teachers at creche when I dropped her off and explained that I thought she was ok but she had complained of not feeling well and I had given her Panadol. I said that I was around and if Trelise looked at all unwell (and could they err on the side of caution) please give me a call and I would come and pick her up.

Of course I didn't get a call and when I went to pick her up I found her curled up on a big armchair, wrapped in a blanket, trying to sleep. Another teacher said to me "She's been like that all afternoon, We didn't think she was very well but we didn't want to bother you" The look of horror on my face must have been pretty evident as I explained that I had asked to be called straight away if she looked at all unwell. I get that most families have two working parents and to be called if you child is unwell is inconvenient so they try to avoid calling parents unless they are really sure a child is sick.

You know those times when you get a huge case of Mummy guilts - well this is one of those times! I should have not taken her, or at least not trusted that I would be called!

It makes me really cross that the teacher I spoke to walked past Trelise all afternoon
and obviously ignored my unwell child. We only have a few weeks left otherwise I would be making a complaint.

Anyway Trelise is now fully recovered and back to her usual bouncy self.

BTW - the bathroom looks great! I'll be putting pictures of our mass transformation up soon so you can all see why I've been missing in action!


Connie said...

That is so bad!! They sould have called you, but don't be too hard on yourself, we all have those moments.

Gossiping Gals, Jyl and Carissa said...

!ay! So glad you are back! Crap! About Trelise...sheesh that's awful.

I hear you about how to go about a kid who is mildly sick or not??

Is she better?

commenting as Carissa here..I can't remember who I am these days...see the new #gno blog though!

Jaime said...

That is so hard! I have definitely had moments debating if the child is really sick or just not wanting to go to school. So not fun.
Glad to hear you are up and running...and getting that house fixed up to your likings. I can't wait to see it!

PS You've been tagged!:)

Laura said...

That is so hard! I had a kid home sick today too but the thermometer comfirms his story.

Hope she is better now.

girlytwins said...

Oh no. That is awful. Poor Trelise.

Looking forward to the new pics of your house :)

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I would have been upset with the teachers, too! If you ask to be called if your child is sick, they should call you. I'm glad she's back to her old self. Luke likes medicine, too...for us, its Tylenol. I think it tastes horrid, but he loves it. Thank god for childproof bottles!

Casey's trio said...

Panadol must be like Tylenol or Motrin in the states. My girls aks for medicine too! Glad Trelise is feeling better. Shame on those teachers for not calling you!

Shannon said...

Awww, poor girl. I think we have all sent an unwell child to school a time or two. She will forive you:) I can't believe that teacher didn't call you though!