Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm glad I heard it but wish I didn't!

Trelise has just come to me and said

"Mummy a baby has poo coming down her leg"

"Oh no" I said

Our house is large and to save time looking for said baby I asked "Where is she"

The answer

"On your bed"

Not what I wanted to hear!


Nicci said...

Yay for Trelise! Imagine if she hadn't seen it and you were dealing with the consequences of the poo, roll and crawl maneovure!!

Katie said...

That is hilarious. Which baby was it

girlytwins said...

Oh My!! Well I guess she could have been left to play on your bed longer with poo running down her leg. Thats the only positive thing I can come up with. LOL

Thanks for the laugh

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Oh, yuk! lol!

I wasn't getting updates to your blog on my reader, so I resubscribed...hopefully I'll get them now and can keep up with you!

Tracy said...

lovely - gotta love the help of the big sis.

Susie said...

Beautiful picture!!

Casey's trio said...

Uh oh...hope it didn't turn out as bad as it sounds!

Debra said...

GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully they TOLD you. It could have been MUCH worse!