Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oliver Update

It's been a while since I have done one of these - am thinking that I might start doing it weekly. As I've even failed this week to do a Wordful Wednesday I'm not sure how successful I will be however!

I'll start off with me first. I'm still incredibly busy with the house. I'm finding the amount of housework that a larger house means sometimes overwhelming. I'm lucky that Wayne's Mum does alot of my laundry but I find it difficult when everywhere I look there is mess. I'm starting to clean out alot of stuff that is hanging around and pretty much just gets dropped around the house for me to pick up and in the last week or so it has got better.

The diet is going well - I'm 5 kilo's off my ultimate goal but 1 kilo off my weightwatchers goal. We are going to Samoa on holiday in 4 weeks time so I'm trying to get well below 60 kilo's before we go. I've been really good at getting up early every morning and running with the wii fit. I aim to do an hour run a day and so far bar one day I've done it.

I'm starting a new hair routine - the curly girl method I'm not looking forward to the 2 - 4 weeks it's supposed to take for my hair to sort itself out. So far embracing my inner curl is going ok but I'm only on day 1!

House wise - I'm plastering the internal walls on days that the weather is awful but we haven't had many so I'm concentrating on the garden. I'm about to list on trade me a huge number of stones and hope that someone will come and pick them up! The fence is up so that is giving us some privacy. Wayne's made a semi temporary 'pen' to hold our children in as Madeleine in particular was running down the road probably on her way to the 4 square to buy lollies.

Wayne is busy at work and is about to go on a 4 day work trip to Auckland. He's been working the last few Saturdays. It's cutting into his family and house time which I know he finds difficult.

Trelise had her hearing assessment yesterday and passed! So speech therapy will be the next step for us. We still are in the public heath system and the audiologist has said she will do her best to get an urgent appointment with the hospital as they have equipment that is often better suited for children. Her behaviour has been a bit difficult this week and I'm thinking school hoilday's are to blame and the lack of her normal rountine.

Maddie and Jules are in a really really cute stage. Difficult for me as everytime I tell them off they smile and it just melts my heart. I have to fill out this huge questionnaire for the Developmental Therapist today. Will be interesting to see how much they can do. I'm unsure why we still have all our neonatal appointments especially as I read in the latest Wellington Multiple birth newsletter that the other Mono mother in Wellington had her appointments stop at 1 year - we are now 20 months with no sign of stopping. It worries me that there is something they are keeping an eye on that I don't understand. I haven't questioned it before as I felt that getting this support was a good thing and I didn't want to raise it with them that my girls were normal and didn't really need it!


I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I imagine your house is keeping you very busy! And I understand feeling overwhelmed. Our laundry pile is never-ending. I'm glad Trelise passed her hearing test. That's good news! I hope her therapy goes well, too.

girlytwins said...

I can only imagine how much you have on your plate with your new house. I feel that way sometimes and I am settled and not in a huge house Haha.

I am happy to hear Trelise passed her hearing test. I hope the process goes smoothly.

I so need a Wii. I would totally love to run in the morning before my day starts.

girlytwins said...

And we would love Trelise to come over and play with our pretty girls :)

Put her on the plane and give me her flight details LOL