Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Disgusting!

This post is all about Trelise.

The Good - every Wednesday another Kindy mother who lives across the road picks Trelise up and takes her home for an hour to play with her daughter and then she drops her home once they are done. I said this morning if she didn't feel like having her then it was fine to drop her home straight away. Emma said "Oh no I love having Trelise over - when Maniah is home alone with her baby sister she is quite mean to her and never lets her play in her games. But when Trelise is over at our house, Trelise includes the little girl in their games and I just love seeing my girls play nicely together" It's reminded me on how lovely and kind my big girl can be.

The bad - this morning Miss Trelise has been a toad - She woke up late and has pretty much been grumpy and bad tempered!

The disgusting! Trelise has a cold with a runny nose. To drive her mother nuts this morning she hid from me behind a door. I opened the door and saw that she had a huge amount of snot running down (and I do mean huge) "Oh my! You need a wipe!" I said to my big girl and ran to get them - trotting after me Trelise replied "I've got some on my hands" I turned to look and yip she had been behind the door blowing her nose into her hand - she had a big handful of snot.



Katie said...

Oh thats just lovely Trelise!

girlytwins said...

Wow! Haha. I can totally picture Trelise doing all the above stated :)