Monday, August 3, 2009

Freddy Update

Well it's not looking good for the old boy. Steroids have perked him up for the past week and it's given me at least some time to get my head around losing him. We woke up this morning to him vomiting again so I'm guessing that the steroids are no longer having the same effect. He seems happy and has been outside today but I'm guessing that it will only be a couple of days before we make the decision to have him put down.

It seems a bit disrespectful to have already lined up our next furry addition to our family but I have! The thought of being cat-less was very sad and strangely deciding on a cat breed has given me some comfort.

What have we decided? A Havana!

I've been very lucky and have found a 4 month old boy who is ready and waiting for a home. There seems to be only 2 breeders in New Zealand. I spoke to the breeder this afternoon and is is happy for him to come and join us.


girlytwins said...

He is very beautiful.