Sunday, September 7, 2008

I saw a Kiwi!!!

For Fathers Day today we went to the zoo. It was a lovely day today and just right for walking up and around our hilly little zoo. Wellington Zoo have just redone their nocturnal house and it's really good. It's been given a facelift and the internal lights have been changed to red ones. It obviously has made a difference as I have only seen a Tuatara in the enclosure before and I was convinced that there was no kiwi in there.

Anyway today Trelise started screaming Kiwi, Kiwi, Kiwi (being 3 she was unable to read the sign's requesting silence!) and sure enough there it was!

I know for my overseas readers it will seem strange to be so excited about this but I've only ever seen stuffed ones before!


Tracy said...

that is exciting - I've NEVER seen one before. yeah

Churchill said...

That is super cool

Connie said...

That is so cool!!!