Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Camping - are we mad!

As it turns out - pretty much!! We decided to take a test run using the local campground. We do mean local - about 100 meters as the crow flies from our house. We checked the weather forcast, loaded up the car and off we went.

Camp set up was fine and everyone was happy. We played in the playground while Wayne cooked dinner. Just at the end of cooking it started to rain. Not a light sprinkling of rain but a massive downpour but that's all the fun of camping isn't it! We had a few leaks in the tent but nothing major. We put the babies to bed and Trelise was playing happily in the tent.

And it rained and it rained! Trelise comes running out of the tent buck naked crying that she has peed in the tent! Lucky for us it was an easy clean up by the entrance.

And so the rain continued. Wayne and I went to bed to find the airbed had a leak. We pumped it up but by the middle of the night it was flat. Not that it really mattered as by the time it had totally gone flat Trelise was being an octopus and Madeleine had decided the only way she was going to sleep was on my chest. It was a long night!

But it was fun and we will be doing it again!!

Sorry no photo's - note to self never let Wayne take all the pictures of an outing - they are all out of focus!!!!


Jaime said...

That sounds like an outing that we would have!! Glad you still had fun and plan to go again!