Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My day just keeps getting better and better!! NOT!!!!!

You would think that putting Mac down this would be the end of my bad luck but no it just keeps getting better!

I washed all our bedding this morning - duvet and covers and hung them out on the line. I washed the dishes as our dishwasher broke the other day. Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate doing dishes. And I've had to do tons today!!!

Then the rain started just as I was about to walk Trelise to kindy. No problem I think I'll just take the car instead of having a child moan and cry all the way down the street because she is getting wet. So we drove. When I went to start the car to leave kindy the key wouldn't go in! Sadly I don't have the skills to start the car without the keys!! So me and the babies walked home.

It's now absolutely pouring with rain and I have to pick up Miss T and bring her back in this. She is going to scream all the way I tell you!

Of course all our bedding is still on the line and you guessed it - it's our only set! It's about now I'm wishing that I remembered where I packed the sleeping bags!

Thankfully the 4 square 50 meters from us sells wine!


I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Wine cures all ills. I'm sure that's a quote from someone besides me. Its true enough, though, right?? lol! I hate, no, DETEST washing dishes. I once threw them all in the garbage and my husband and I had to eat on paper plates for a while. It was great. Unfortunately I eventually had to buy another set of dishes....

Shannon said...

I am with you both on the dish washing hatred...though I don't think I hate it so much that I would through them in the garbage:) I hope today is better!