Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trelise's Great Escape

We had a major drama in our house this afternoon. Trelise decided to have some privacy while using the potty and locked the bathroom door. It was one of those things that happened so quickly as I was getting the babies out from the buggy. Anyway I couldn't convince her to turn the lock the other way to release the bolt. Poor baby was so distressed and I couldn't do anything until Wayne arrived home and climbed in the window to rescue her. I was unsure if the window was open (our bathroom has a large drop) and I had a feeling it was so I was freaking out thinking she might decide to save herself. Lucky for all of us I managed to convince her to lie down on some washing and go to sleep.

Anyway Wayne arrived home and couldn't open the door so climbed up to release her. While all this was going on she was curled up on the floor asleep!

Apart from this we have had a wonderful weekend. Had a great day today going for a walk along Wellington's waterfront with my Dad and Katharine and now we are having a BBQ dinner with Wayne's parent's. If only all of autumn will be like this as it was absolutely beautiful today.