Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Madeleine and Juliette

My sweet girls are now three!

Three years of snuggy kisses and cuddles. Three years of Maddie and Jules love. Three years of being a twin Mummy!

From this

To this!

I have reflected over the past couple of weeks on how things were for us three years ago.

Being pregnant with miracle babies but never being happy that it was going to be ok. The long nights where I couldn't sleep thinking that things were or had gone wrong.

My in-patient stay and how I never thought I would cope with being in hospital for that long. Now at times I long for my little hospital room all quiet and warm with food delivered to my door! (Of course I don't really) How scared I was that Trelise wouldn't cope with her Mummy being away or that something would happen to Maddie or Jules.

Then as that time finished we were thrust into Neonates and that endless period of time where I had my babies but didn't really have my babies. Having Maddie rushed into emergency surgery at three weeks old without really understanding why - that happens when you go from diagnoses to operating table in an hour.

Getting my girls home and learning to cope with newborn premature twins as well as a demanding toddler.

Now I have a big school girl who tries her hardest and three year olds who are about to go to Kindy!