Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today I returned to Placemakers with Madeleine and Juliette

It's been a while since the day that changed my world forever occurred!

All I wanted was to talk to the kitchen coordinator about our kitchen designs while my well behaved two year olds sat quietly in the buggy strapped in all safe and out of danger.

I should have known that the day would come where this outing was no longer possible but I didn't realise that the day was upon us.

As I approached the kitchen display the coordinator was busy. Rats! I had to wait. Patient I was but Maddie and Jules were not. First the moaning and whining increased. To counter I pushed the buggy back and forth frantically. I thought it was working as all was quiet. I looked down to find they had gained their freedom by releasing their shackles and were in the process of debarking the safety of the buggy.

Breathe Jo, breathe - how bad can it be I thought as two giggling toddlers sprinted off in different directions. There is only the automatic doors at the front of the store that leads to a busy carpark and on to one of the main roads of Paraparaumu. Or the doors at the back that lead to the timber yard with forklifts that can't see very well or expect to see two little monkeys climbing around.

I heard them as I raced around the aisles but couldn't see them and then just as I started to hyperventilate and was about to give up all hope there they were in the bathroom section jumping on all the display toilets!

Looking back I can almost laugh at it all - almost!