Friday, August 27, 2010

It's be mean to Jo week!

Do you ever have one of those weeks where nothing goes right?

I'm so over it all!!!

I had a woman at school tell me off for not dressing my children warmly. The fact that the sun was shining, it was warm and that she herself was wearing a chiffon top seemed to have bypassed her!

Then at playgroup I had dressed Madeleine and Juliette the same which is a bit unusual as I don't have many matching clothes left - most of ours are coordinated now. Funny enough my friend just commented that a Dad that comes to playgroup doesn't like her and everytime she speaks to him he makes her feel like she is a waste of space - I'd never had a problem with him before. He decides to comment on the fact that my girls are dressed the same and how wrong it was and why didn't I get a doll instead!

Then Kindy told me that because they are changing their hours instead of getting a place in 2 weeks as expected it would now be November if I was lucky. There was tears - all mine!


Carissa(GoodNCrazy) said...

Oh my dear. Hugs. Glad I stopped in this (Way too early morning)... :)

It is most definitely NOT mean to Jo week.

Carissa(GoodNCrazy) said...

I have this big old question for ya tho... :) ??

girlytwins said...

Uggg I hate when ppl comment about how to dress my twins. Drives me crazy!!!