Wednesday, July 2, 2008


You know when you buy a toy and to put the batteries in you have to go and find a little screwdriver and wrestle with the whole thing to make it work all time the swearing at children who make toy manufacturers go to such lengths to secure their batteries.

If anyone has wondered what type of children do such a thing I can answer that.



Stephanie said...

I wrestled with some of those yesterday. I can't believe they got into them!

How about the degree you need to get the toy out of the box?!

Shannon said...

I hate changing batteries. i tell my kids that only daddy can do that. I can't even get in. Those are some talented kiddos!

Connie said...

So funny...I always "forget" to replace batteries. My kids always like the toys without them just as well!!

Jaime said...

So true!

girlytwins said...

Ha. Mine can do that too.