Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The State of the Nation

It's been a while!

Wii love has taken over our lives! I over did it on Monday and could hardly move yesterday! I was only slightly sore and then Wayne brought home another Wii remote so we could play boxing together. My determination to win meant that I put everything I had into a match together. It wasn't long until I realised that it might not have been a good idea!

Jules is now totally over her virus - thankfully in time for her birthday on Saturday. Party planning is now in full swing! We are surprisingly under control. I am taking advantage of an decorating making offer at a multiple birth meeting on Thursday night. I don't think they realise the insanity of a Oliver birthday but they soon will! I'm making a slideshow of photo's of the girls first year. I didn't realise how much the neonatal stay affected me but found wading through our photo's emotionally hard going.

We have started to crack down on Trelise's diet. Snacks and biscuits have crept up to a point where that's pretty much all she will eat. Yesterday was successful and she actually ate most of her dinner. I won't lie there was some begging, pleading, crying and then screaming!

Dora the Explorer live was on Saturday and both Trelise and Wayne throughly enjoyed themselves. Wayne more than Trelise I believe! The merchandise tent seemed to have exploded as they walked by so our house is now stocked with all things Dora! Madeleine and Juliette have discovered that the Dora wand is a useful weapon and that trying to eat the Dora balloon gets a fantastic reaction from Trelise (it's a metallic balloon not the plain rubber ones which would be a chocking hazard if they were eaten!)

Watch this space for birthday pictures!


Deanna said...

My parents bought a Wii. They crack me up playing it. My boys want one so badly!

The Burger Blog said...

Gotta love the marketing for those shows, we did a Thomas the train one and it was nuts!

Your kids are cuties! My twins Liam and Brenna are 17 months now.

Thought I would check out your blog, love NZ, we went to Wellington several years back and have friends in Palmerston.

Laurie said...

Hey girl. I have missed you around here! I know how you feel about being sore the day after wii. Jeff and I used to complain of the same thing after our bowling matches!

BTW~ Your hair looks really cute in the photo of you with the wii. I like it straight.

Joey's b-day is 8-4, so I too am getting ready to throw another b-day party. I can't wait to see pictures.
Take care!!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe how sore I get after playing Wii tennis! Obviously, very out of shape. I still swear I haven't regained muscle tone from the long hospital stay.

We have the same trouble with Vivian and snacks. She wakes up wanting snacks. It's always a battle. Our rule is no snacks until her plate is most times. Other times, we hear lots of whining and screaming.

Jaime said...

That's so funny you're sore from the wii. You need to video you playing- now that would be funny! It's a guaranteed laugh when you have 2 people boxing!