Thursday, July 31, 2008

Night Antics

Why am I tired?

10pm ish - fell asleep while watching Britain's youngest boozers (yes quality television and to make matters worse the reception was terrible!)

12.27am - was awakened by Madeleine squawking from her bedroom.

12.37am - stumbled out of bed trying not to open my eyes. I give her 10 mins to try and get her to settle.

12.38am - made bottle - cursing myself for not making some up before going to bed.

12.39am - gave Madeleine her bottle - presume it was Madeleine as I still was not opening my eyes.

12.47am - awoken again by the sweet sounds of my baby.

12.51am - entered babies lair.

12.51am - overcome by the smell of poo.

12.52am - retrieved child and changed nappy. Child not happy with poo and not happy without poo!

12.54am - realised that said child was not going to be returned to bed once she had her clutches into her mother.

12.55am - snuggled up back in bed with child who fell asleep within seconds.

1.07am - kicked Wayne for snoring.

1.56am - Trelise's door opens and she emerges and climbs into her parents bed.

1.57am - Trelise discovers one of her sisters - a bit of screaming follows.

1.58am - a hurried attempt is made to move sister over so Trelise can be in her preferred position. Fingers are crossed that shrieks have not been enough to wake the only remaining child asleep.

2.10am - Trelise complains that baby is pulling her hair.

2.11am - mother replies that baby is asleep and therefore cannot pull hair.

2.25am - kicked Wayne for snoring.

2.45am - Trelise decides that position is no longer optimal and she should instead be on the other side of her mother.

2.46am - mother moans but reluctantly complies.

3.23am - Madeleine stirs and decides it's time to play.

3.26am - all hope of Madeleine sleeping is lost and mother is worried that child will throw herself off the side of the bed.

3.27am - returns happy playing baby to her cot and hopes the fall out is not bad.

3.28am - all is surprisingly calm and mother returns to bed.

3.45am - Juliette wakes and decides to call for her mother repeatably.

3.48am - mother decides that it's her father that Juliette really wants.

3.49am - kicks father who complains but does get up. Father would like it emphasised here that he did get up!

7.30am - mother is surprised that it's time to get up and is not looking forward to facing the day!


Deanna said...

It is almost my bedtime and now I am even MORE exhausted after reading your night antics! I remember those days and I don't envy you. As much as I loved my boy's baby days, that is one part that I don't miss. The up and down, up and down of the nights.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

I LOVE the "Kicked Wayne for snoring" bits. So funny! I do that to my husband, too. We've had nights like this too, unfortunately. Hope you get some sleep soon!

Kellan said...

Yawn - I am exhausted! I kick my husband for snoring too! I love your children's names! Take care - Kellan

Laurie said...

This could be something I wrote except that there are no bottles and Jeff would be kicking me for snoring..

It is not uncommon for both kids to be in our bed and one dog to be barking becasue he is a puppy and wants to go outside. I so feel your pain. Hope you can get some good zzzz's tonight.

angie said...

Weird. I can't see why not. ha ha . Sorry for a night not to be envied! :)

girlytwins said...

AHHH! I'm sorry. Those nights are never fun. If my husband snored he'd be snoring on the couch :) Your a nicer wife than I...LOL. Hope you can get a nap in yourself today.

Churchill said...

Oh man I have had a lot of nights like that. And I think I am in for a lot of sleepless nights on our vacation!

I like to get my feet underneath George and lever him on to his side, which usually stops the snoring.

I hope you can get a good nights sleep very soon.

Steph said...

Isn't it crazy how you can remember every single thing minute by minute when you are being kept away from precious sleep?

Debra said...

I kick Michael for snoring too.

Your night made ME tired. After 9 L.O.N.G. years of not sleeping through the night, I am SOOO relieved to know those days are over until the kids are teenagers! you'll make it through... I PROMISE!!

Josh and Betsie said...

oh man we have nights like that! the days that follow arent much fun either.