Thursday, July 3, 2008


I've just beaten Kath in Pathwords!!!

I'm very excited as I've never even come close before - spelling has never been my strong point!!!

* Pathwords is a facebook game where you make words out of a grid

It's a truly disgusting day here in Wellington today. It's really cold, really wet and really windy. I've already been annoyed as when I came back from dropping Trelise at creche I found a glazier had parked in front of our garage. Didn't seem to matter about the yellow broken lines, the garage or the fact that it wasn't even the house he was working at. I rang the 0800 number of his van and bollocked the operator. What can I say I was cross! I can't get both girls out of the car on the street as one side is a steep bank and as the weather is so terrible I didn't want one out in it while retrieving the other so I had to wait until he moved his van. He comes up just as I had given up and was about to get my buggy out to transport them down to the house and not even a sorry!


Connie said...

Lovely. People can be so thoughtless!!!

Laurie said...

How is your dad doing?
I am sorry that this person was so snotty! I am glad that you took action.

Kellan said...

Some people need to just stay away from the rest of US - don't they!?! Sorry that happened!

I love the name of your blog, btw - it is so cute with your cute babies!!!

Take care - Kellan

angie said...

I would have been SO mad!

jenni anne said...

jocosta, i always have to read your blog with an australian accent in my head, so i can get the full effect of your posts. i now love the word "bollocked" and am going to try to use it at least 3 times today.