Friday, July 18, 2008

Driving Miss Lisi.

My child is the ultimate back seat driver! She screams if I go a way she doesn't like! She is able to direct me to her favourite places (namely Junglerama, the pool and the zoo!). Often I have requests to speed up or slow down. From the back also comes timely reminders to stop for traffic lights ahead.

Yesterday however I was late and I was having one of those days. You know the days where you have to give way to everyone and it seems to be forever until it's your turn to go. As I approached one of our local intersections the light changed to orange and instead of slowing down I sped up. From the back a little voice said "you could have stopped"

Trelise was lucky enough to go to a play of Puss n Boots yesterday (the reason I was rushing) and was taken to the play in one of her teachers cars. On the way home I asked her how Christine's driving was. She said "ok" so I asked if she drove to fast or to slow? and she said "no but I did ask her if she was looking where she was going!"

I'm sure she gets it from Wayne!!!


Laurie said...

That is so funny!! Joey will sometimes talk about my driving as well. Occassionally my dad takes him to school and I guess he will get on my dads case about "going the wrong way". My dad will take a different route to school and this is the discussion all the way to school. If papa knows where he is going. Once I made the mistake of saying "I am lost" So Gabby will sometimes say "mom do you know where you are going?"
KIds... crack me up

Kim said...

The girls just started doing that. We were driving somewhere recently and they kept telling Shawn to slow down. I said hold onto your hat. Now everytime you drive fast or at least fast to them they yell "hold onto your hat"

Good & Crazy said...

Hey, commenting from vacation!

I love the little kid as a back seat driver. TKs latest is to have a fit if the window is down even a little bit. He's desperately afraid the scraps of paper garbage on the floor will blow out the window!!! Can you say OCD?