Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Obsessive!

For those that don't know me in real life you might be surprised to know that I'm obsessive!

Sometimes it pays off and I'm rewarded.

Today I got an email saying that 9 of these are coming my way! I only asked for 6 but I'll take 9!

Getting these has been a long road and you might ask why I would even want them! Well I brought 3 of them while visiting Katie in Australia.

When we moved here I realised I needed lots of lampshades as currently these sort of things reside in my house.

I made trip after trip to lighting shops but everything was either ugly or to expensive.

I begged Katie to take pity on me and make a trip to Ikea and bring me the lampshades I desired. She looked and sadly they were all sold out.

For a less obsessive person this would be the end of the story!

I looked and looked at Ikea country sites all over the world seeing if they sold the shades I was looking for. I checked Scotland first thinking that Kath would be used of my obsessive tendencies and would give me a bit of grief but then would do it. Sadly you can't buy them in Scotland anymore - or Newcastle where Wayne has family.

Branching out I tried Sweden - the home of Ikea and where we have friends but no all gone there!

Then I concerntrated on the states thinking that surely a blogger friend of mine could be convinced that this little errand would be worth doing to make a little NZ girl very happy. But no luck there.

Finally as I was at the end of my search Wayne piped up try China - I have a workmate who is there getting married. So I did and Bejing was the only store to have them and lucky for me he managed to pop over and pick them up. I got an email this morning saying 10-15 days.

10-15 days until the ugly lampshades in my house will be banished (apart from the ones in the lounge as that is a whole new story!)


LJS said...

Yep - you are as obsessive as me - maybe more! That took real commitment - I think I would have given up once I ran out of English speaking countries to try!

katie said...

yay!!!!!!! You must be very happy and your house will be much prettier with them in too. what are you going to start obsessing about this time?

Jocasta said...

I can't really say what the next obsession will be! Maybe the lights in the lounge!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing! You're a star and you DESERVE those lampshades!

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out how to put my name - that last comment was from me - nicci :)

girlytwins said...

I would call that persistence :)
When I want something I want it too.

Your new lamps are beautiful!!