Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Race!

Next to the kindy is a BMX track. As some of the kids at kindy have been playing motorcycle racing games the teachers decided to take the kids on a little outing and have races around the track.

Good idea right?


Trelise was so excited about running the race and quite happily today put on her sneakers (and that's a miracle in itself!) and pretty much ran all the way to kindy. Her level of excitement was pretty much level with all the other kids.

Off she went and the race began!

But the track has recently been resurfaced and was slipperly and caused grazes when the kids fell. I felt so sorry for the teachers. And sorry for my little racer as she has grazes all down her legs.

To get the kids inside they needed to do one last race. I'm not sure Trelise has the idea of ready, 1, 2, 3, Go yet as she stood there while all the kids ran past. But then determination kicked in and she was off.

That kid is fast when she wants to be and she made up alot of ground and was pretty much at the front of the pack (and there is 40+ kids) and then disaster struck.

She saw me

and saw me cheering her on

Caused my child to lose her marbles. I went to collect her off the track and settle her down.

Why was she crying?

Because she wasn't winning!!!

The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree!


angie said...

Yah......my kids don't like to lose either. :)

Kim said...

LOL!!! I love it!!

Brooke said...

Ahhh!!! I can so relate, my oldest (who is also in kg) always wants to win everything.

girlytwins said...

Ha. My girls are so competitive. I hate to see when it actually matters cuz they both can't win.