Monday, February 16, 2009

Trelise's First Swimming Lesson

Finally I've taken Trelise to swimming lessons!

I refused to do the baby and me classes when she was a baby as I was not happy about getting into swimming togs in public! And it's pretty much slipped under the radar until now!

Here is Super Mermaid Girl ready for action

Trelise is in the Seahorse class. It's a small swim school with is great as all the kids get lots of attention.
If you click on this next picture you can see how happy she is!

Somehow I expect it won't be long before either Madeleine or Juliette throws themselves into the pool!


girlytwins said...

She is so cute in her swim outfit. I think we are signing our girls up this year for lessons :) I hope they like it as much as Trelise.