Friday, February 6, 2009

Tram Ride at Queen Elizabeth Park

Kellie, Keri and I with all our kids headed to Queen Elizabeth Park and took a tram to the beach. We had a picnic and a swim at the beach before catching the tram back to the car.
This is the whole tribe - I just realised that all three of us have the same family structure with an older singleton and then a set of twins - three sets of twins in this picture!
Trelise is fully into her can't stop talking phase. The tram driver was a lovely man who clearly loved kids and didn't seem to mind little lise's conversations!
Here's our tram!

Here's me with Mads and Jules - I'm always behind the camera so there is very few pictures of me!

View from the tram of the beautiful Kapiti CoastYay here's the beach
Trelise and Athena doing their girlie things!

And of course we need to finish off with an ice block!

Trelise, Madeleine and Juliette were all asleep within 1 minute of the car starting to go home. We had such a great time!


girlytwins said...

Looks like a wonderful day. I love all the fun things you do with your girls :)

Tracy said...

wow - I'll try not to be jealous - how fun & how brave you had the whole gang!!