Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Morning Kindy

Yesterday we had the news that we were waiting for! A place had opened up in morning kindy!! Morning kindy runs every morning from 8.45am - to either 11.45 or 12.45pm and has children from 4 - 5 years old. Trelise has been going to the afternoon session since we moved up here and has enjoyed it but really needs to be with older children.

Trelise was very excited as we headed off this morning. Paraparaumu Beach Kindergarden is just down the road from our house so we make the short walk with Trelise riding her bike and Maddie and Jules in the buggy. I picked up a happy girl at the end of the session.

On the way home we got more smiles from passersby than usual - why? Maddie and Jules have learnt to wave and like to show their new skill to everyone going by! It's so cute!


Casey's trio said...

Hooray! Hope Trelise loves her new class!

girlytwins said...

Awe so adorable. I remember when my girls started to wave at passerby's. It was so fun. As if twins didn't attract enough attention :) Cute waving twins will put a smile on any face :)

Happy to hear about Trelise's school.