Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Wayne

Wayne's Birthday was on Wednesday. Trelise and I had a lovely time getting ready for the event. She carefully picked out a present from the $2 shop for him. She chose a packet of 4 plastic cars that they could use to play together. We came home and baked him a cake and then went out for dinner at the Tandoori Heritage (our local indian place) . After we had our meal the girls were all at breaking point so we left but decided to pick up a DVD on the way home. I stayed in the car while Wayne chose I movie he wanted to watch. Quite soon after he left the car the babies started crying so I drove around the carpark to calm them down. This worked but it caused Trelise to start screaming that we had left Daddy behind. She would only stop screaming and crying once I stopped in front of Blockbuster again and then as soon as the car stopped the babies started crying so I started driving again and Trelise started screaming again - Argggggh. I was most pleased when he got back into the car!

We had a visit from the Topliffs yesterday. I met Sara when I was in hospital before having the girls and we roomed together for a week. Her girls Lily and Rosa are just lovely and gave me an insight into what we are in for in the next few weeks! Sara lives in Waikanae (about an hour out of Wellington) so we don't see her very often - we have decided to spend some time at Wayne's parent's over Easter so hopefully we will get a chance to catch up again.

Lily (left) and Rosa (right)

The Olivers to the left and the Topliffes to the right

I'm having lunch with the Madness today - it's been a while and I'm really looking forward to it. Deb probably isn't with my insistence on Sushi!

Oh and once again I've been to the Number One Shoe warehouse and brought a magnificent pair of shoes. The latest acquisitions are a pair of fuschia boots that I found in the children's department (I have very small feet). They are wonderful!!!!


Lottie_Ellie said...

That looks like a super fun twin party! Happy birthday to Wayne