Monday, March 3, 2008

Macca has been stolen!!!

We seem to have a problem with one of our neighbours. She is feeding Macca and he has now pretty much moved over to her house. While I can see from his point of view why this might be a good idea - no silly little dogs or small children but we miss him!

The whole sad saga started a while ago - we had suspicions he was eating elsewhere but he was still living here then he disappeared for ages. After over a week we of course started thinking that he had passed over. I went searching for him and knocked on a neighbour's door to ask if she had seen him. That neighbour hadn't seen him but said that her downstairs neighbor used to feed her cat. When I knocked on her door she wasn't home so I sent Wayne out later to ask if she had seen him.

So Wayne popped over and asked her if she had seen Mac, she said no so he left and was checking under our house to see if he had crawled under there. When he came out, low and behold, there was Macca sitting on her doorstep!

If we weren't sure what was happening before we are now. Wayne was outside the other day calling him as the neighbour arrived home. He watched as Macca followed her down the stairs and into her house. He just stayed outside calling and calling him until she finally carried him up the stairs and released him saying "now cat you go home".

This is Mac

My next plan is to get a collar and write on it - please do not feed me I have a home and hope she gets the message that way. Failing that I'm not sure what to do!


Laura said...

We have had this happen with our cat once too! It seems cats know a good deal when they see it.

Connie said...

I had to wear a note like that when I was little....

D said...

Hah! funny comment Connie! I would have a word with your neighbor. Macca is your cat - not hers!!