Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Bunny Day

It's been a while since my last post. We have been up in Paraparaumu staying with Wayne's parent's since Thursday last week and only got back yesterday afternoon. We had a great time and really enjoyed the change in routine.

Wayne and I managed to go out for dinner a number of times - but twice just the two of us which was really really lovely. After dinner on Thursday night we stumbled across a tavern with a TAB attached and blew a whole $10 . We got a good hour or more out of this and I've discovered I've got a uncanny ability to pick greyhound winners. Not good with the ponies only the dogs!

Trelise as expected loved Easter Sunday and was showered in chocolate treats. She now is very aware of the Easter Bunny and refers to Easter Sunday as Happy Bunny Day - it was very cute until she turned into a chocolate monster! We hid eggs in the backyard and she very happily went around finding them.

We managed to squeeze in a trip to Lindale and Trelise managed to milk a cow and feed a lamb. The Barn (as she calls it) is one of her most favourite places to visit.

On our way home we popped into Katherine and Jeremy's newly renovated house. It is fantastic! I'm eagerly awaiting the photo's to come up on the internet as it was being listed today.


angie said...

Happy Easter. Late. How amazing was this experience? Looks like so much fun.

Connie said...

Happy Bunny Day!! Sounds like a fun holiday. Such cute photos...little ones can never have too many farm experiences!!!

girlytwins said...

Happy Bunny Day! What a great experience you had at the barn. Sounds like a wonderful mini vacation.

Churchill said...

Your photos are always so gorgeous! Looks like the barn was fun fun fun!