Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a quiet day here

It's a quiet day in the Oliver household. The babies are asleep in their bouncers and Trelise is off at creche.

Trelise had a terrible night last night. She had a busy day at creche and fell asleep on the couch just before 6pm. When she woke up she went crazy and screamed for about an hour. Finally calming down after being totally unreasonable. She wasn't to pleased this morning and had a bit of a problem with the babies. I'm thinking that we should be spending some time with just her over the weekend. Wayne's picking her up tonight and he usually takes her to the supermarket and blockbuster which she finds very exciting.

I've been struggling once again with my course. I've completed 3 assignments out of 5 but I don't know if I can cope with doing the last ones. They take a bit of time and are really simple - to simple really is the problem. I'm seriously thinking of withdrawing but I'm going to leave it for a few more days before making a decision.


Connie said...

Those late naps are terrible sometimes...and you're right, it is really hard on the older ones at times to have those demanding babies around!