Saturday, March 1, 2008

My party girl

We went to Junglerama this morning to get out of the house and for Trelise to let off some steam. I was busy looking after the babies and lost slight of Trelise for a while. Not any problem for most children as you can't leave without a staff member opening the exit. My girl though likes to party whether she is invited or not! She appeared at my table wearing a party hat!!! Thankfully she decided to leave before the food arrived or so she tells me at least. I shouldn't be surprised as it's not the first time - the first time it happened I spotted her heading into the party tent and rushed down to pluck her out. When I got there she was already sitting up at the table saying "i cake, i cake" with horrified parents looking at her unsure how they were going to evict her!

I'm so struck at how alike all my girls look. It seems strange that they look so similar yet they are so different.

This is Trelise at about 6 months

and here are Madeleine (right) and Juliette (left)


Kate said...

WOW, your girls really DO look alike. I never would have guessed the top pic was of your older daughter!!! They are cute! My girls scream if I put them into water...I wish they would learn to enjoy it!

Churchill said...

What cuties. I have the same experience with my girls. Their features are so identical it frightens me, but then they have such different expressions that sometimes they do not look at all alike.

angie said...

What a funny story, and great pictures of your girls. Love the little bellies.

Anonymous said...
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