Friday, March 14, 2008

Weight watchers, mobilty and Lilou

Lost 800 grams this week - it's quite random at the moment for me. I didn't weigh in yesterday as the scales were against me! I'm attempting the weight watchers challenge again - so far so good. It's basically to exercise for at least 3.5 hours during the week, drink 8 glasses of water a day, 5 servings of vegetables a day and two of fruit, and no alcohol. The exercise is no problem but I feel I'm in the toilet every 5 minutes and fitting in all that fruit and vegetables is always a problem. Hopefully it will be worth it next week. I'm so looking forward to fitting into my old clothes. I'm not far off but far off enough that it's frustrating!

Madeleine and Juliette are getting more and more mobile. Not crawling yet but they are trying. They are busy in their walkers at the moment but it won't be long before they will be demanding to get out I'm sure.

Trelise woke up this morning absolutely bonkers - she was in a good crazy mood and was basically bouncing off the ceiling. Lucky for me it is a creche day and she can work off the craziness there! It's Hamish and Olivia's last day at creche before going to Scotland so they are having a party this afternoon to say goodbye so she will be happily celebrating.

There is a new girl at creche called Lilou (she's french and it's pronouced Lee-lou not Lilo as I was saying) and Trelise just loves her. She should be happy that Hamish is leaving because he's interferring with the Lilou love!


Churchill said...

the girls look fabulous

congratulations on losing the 800 grams!

Anonymous said...
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Kate said...

The girls are so cute!!! And congrats on the weight loss. I've never thought to try a specific "challenge" before, but I really want to kick this last bit of baby fat. Maybe I'll try something like you mentioned! And Lilou, I just had to say what a pretty name I think that is...