Friday, February 29, 2008

My poor head - will I ever learn!

I've had a very very quiet day today. For the first time in honestly years I went out on the town last night. I met Jessica and Christine at Molly's and proceeded to party throughout the night. I went to school with Jess and Christine and had only seen Jess once since leaving and Christine not at all. We had such a great time and have proved once again that I am not sensible with alcohol!!! The highlight of our night was being removed from Boogie Wonderland for touching disco balls - As my friend Nik said "why would you have things that drunk people can't touch at head height" We were pretty much the only people in the nightclub and we may have offended them with our crazy dancing. Had Chinese for dinner which was really nice even though most of the time I'm not a fan.

I received a text last night while I was out about going for coffee this morning. I promptly replied and then forgot all about it. As I was languishing in my bed this morning I got a call from Lynne enquiring about my whereabouts - whoops. I did manage to drag myself to the multiple birth playgroup that was on this morning. I'm pleased we went - I had a good time and I ended up meeting some new woman and caught up with some mother's I've met before. The playgroups are held twice a month - once in Lyall Bay which is just down the road and the other one is across town in Ngaio. I had such a good time this morning that I'm definitely going to go to the next one.

I've been meaning to take all of the girls to a playgroup that runs on a Wednesday in Newtown. I never seem to get around to it but now I also realise that until the babies are sitting it's probably to difficult because you aren't allowed to take your buggy into the hall. Something to look forward to!

Audiology was fine - both girls hearing fine. We don't have to go back but if I've got any concerns I can contact them directly instead of having to be referred which is good.