Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've had my hair done!

We were all out of the house early this morning, after dropping off Trelise at creche I raced into town to have my hair done - bye bye blonde! I didn't tell Wayne that I was having it down so I'm looking forward to tonight to see if he notices. He better because it was getting to the stage that it was no longer regrowth!

Kath's done at fantastic job and it looks really good. Madeleine and Juliette were pretty good at the salon. I did hope that they would sleep throughout the procedure but alas they didn't. They had a bit of a grumble but nothing to terrible. Thankfully I chose to wear trousers so was able to rock the buggy with one leg while holding Madeleine and getting my colour washed out. How's that for multitasking!

Last night after I put Trelise to bed I popped back in to tell her what a good girl she was for staying in her bed - she asked for something to eat and I came back with some tiny teddy biscuits. When I gave them to her she said "You are the best mummy in the world, EVER" Just about made me cry!


Churchill said...

I remember the pre-baby days when I had hair in something other than a bun. Glad to hear you made time for yourself.