Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Coco

I managed to escape on Saturday morning for a shopping trip at the Number One Shoe Warehouse where I spent $19.95 on a pair of frilly red spotty shoes - so gorgeous! There was a wonderful green snakeskin pair that sadly only came in sizes to big for my little wee feet!

We spent Saturday afternoon at Coco's Birthday party. Coco turned three and had a garden party. It was a beautiful day and was just lovely sitting in the garden with all the kids running around. We have had such a lovely summer winter is going to be a bit of a shock!

Sunday we spent knocking around the house. I was feeling a little under the weather - nothing serious just really tired and ended up sleeping for hours.

We have had a fun busy day today - first we went to Kylie's house for a multiple birth get-together and met Kylie's triplets for the first time. Trelise was perfectly behaved and even used the toilet all by herself for the first time - I was so excited!!!

We came home and then went to the zoo in the afternoon with Lisa, Hazel, Ruby and Lisa's friend Jane and her children. We were really lucky with animal spotting. The tiger was lying right next to the glass and the lions were all out as well. We got to the chimp enclosure and thought that they were all inside for the night - when we had a look we got a really good view of the chimp baby. He is sooooooo cute!! Trelise lost her marbles when leaving - no sleep does that to a girl and has gone to bed for the night at 5.30pm. My fingers are crossed she doesn't get up in the middle of the night raring to go.