Monday, February 18, 2008

My Beautiful Girls

This morning like most mornings my three girls woke up around the same time. Trelise usually pops into our bed for a cuddle before the moaning of daughters 2 and 3 force us to jump into action. I've been bringing the babies back into our bed and feeding them their bottle there (I know I may live to regret this one). It makes it a lot easier to feed both as they are propped up with pillows and I get a bit of a cuddle at the same time. Anyway this morning after the babies had eaten all three of my girls were playing together. Trelise and I had a competition to see who could make their baby laugh first - Trelise won! It was such a lovely special time where we just enjoyed being with each other!

We did the Round the Bays walk yesterday - we decided instead of taking the car into town and having to deal with the bus that we would walk from our place, around the bays and back up. It was really successful (surprising really!) The babies were great and slept most of the way. We took Trelise's old stroller for her to sit in and after an initial period of screaming she did. I must remember to apologise to the neighbours!

I've just rung the police and then the council to have a car removed from our street. For some reason our little street has been a popular dumping ground for stolen cars! Anyway it's not stolen just abandoned as it hasn't been reported stolen but it's warrant and registration has long run out so the Police suggested I ring the Council to have in removed. Sometimes the Council rules are just stupid. This car is totally blocking the footpath and is on broken yellow lines and the phone operator told me that they had to sticker it, then write to the owner and then wait quite a bit of time before they could tow it!

I had a lovely afternoon with Trelise - Wayne's mum came down from Paraparaumu to look after Juliette and Trelise while I took Madeleine to the hospital for a follow up appointment for her Malrotation surgery. When I got back I left the babies with Lynette and Trelise and I went to the park for some time out together. It was really nice and I realise now how little time I spend with just us.

I'm looking forward to having my hair done tomorrow - it's been quite sometime and my regrowth is no longer regrowth more like the body of my hair!

Trelise's last word (well words today) was a long tirade about the Doodlebops - it started off with "I don't like this show, I don't like this Doodlebops, no one like the Doodlebops, I don't like the Doodlebops, Coco doesn't like the Doodlebops, Daddy doesn't like the Doodlebops, Hazel doesn't like the Doodlebops - NO ONE LIKES THE DOODLEBOPS! and then finished it with a big sigh!