Friday, February 22, 2008

Car Ride

I had an interesting car ride home yesterday after picking up Trelise from creche.

My first mistake was not removing from the car the items for Coco's Birthday on Saturday. In a bag in the front seat was the present, a carefully chosen card, and some very special gift wrap. The gift wrap is the stuff that comes in a long tube - this tube happens to be very long!

My second mistake was giving the tube of wrapping paper to Trelise when she asked to play with on the way home. I figured as it was shrink wrapped no harm could be done.

My third mistake was probably the placement of the car seats in the car. I have the babies in their capsules on each side with Trelise in her seat in the middle.

As you could probably guess it was a long ride home with me having to fend off blows to the head while driving safely and when that got boring for my little minx she used the wrapping paper as a trumpet positioning the end of the tube right by my ear.

Thankfully I got home without a serious concussion or deafness!