Friday, February 22, 2008

Our morning

So far my morning has been interesting. Trelise seems to be going deaf or just very good at not hearing me! Repeating myself constantly is the most frustrating part of parenting for me!

All the girls were having a good time playing with each other in the lounge - they were all screaming with laughter as Trelise was rallying her troops.

Juliette is the one poking her head out from under the blanket while Madeleine is lying on her back wearing the white pants.

Finally I got them all into the car to drop Trelise off at creche. Hamish was building a structure and looked very excited to see Trelise. He ran over to tell her that they were building and that she needed to come over to help. They both ran off happily to continue building. I went to leave and give her a kiss goodbye and she whispered in my ear "Mummy I do like your hair!"


Rosie said...

That looks fun, makes me remember when you were little!

Churchill said...

What a terrific photo.