Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wayne did notice the hair!

Well Wayne did notice the hair! The only person who doesn't like it is Trelise. Not impressed is an understatement. I think she is not keen on me having a different hair colour from her.

Weight watchers weigh in today - 500 gram loss which I'm a little frustrated at as I'm been trying very hard and I'm still on a no alcohol diet! I've done alot of exercise and still weigh more than I did two weeks ago. I'm hoping that my body is taking time to adjust and next week will be a real improvement. I've got to look into other meetings - now that Kath is heading overseas it seems to much bother to go into town and when you take parking costs into consideration I may as well travel further and go to one that's a lot simpler to get to if I'm by myself.

Juliette is getting very mobile - Madeleine is not far behind but Jules now can be found rolling all over the lounge. I'm still terrified at the thought of two toddlers!

The girls and I had a lovely day together yesterday. In the morning we went for a walk around the zoo. After they all had a sleep we headed to the Warehouse to get a present for Coco's birthday party on Saturday. Trelise carefully picked out Coco's present! We then went to Nik and Coco's for a play before heading home for dinner. All day was fun with no problems!

Yesterday Trelise insisted on wearing her purple party dress to the zoo - I didn't see any reason why not so she got changed into it. I washed her face and brushed her hair and she torn off down the hall to her bedroom. I heard her exclaim in front of her mirror "I'm so cute!"