Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Blog

I've been trying to post to the old blog site for a while with no luck so I've given up and started another one! I'm a bit annoyed as I've lost all my older posts. I was going to cut and paste them but blogger keeps erroring and saying the pages can't be found. It looks from the help files that lots of others have the same problem.

It's the start of the weekend - Kath's come over and cut Trelise's hair - it's in pigtails and looks really cute. She's lost her marbles and has been sent to bed currently. The little girls also were tired so they got sent to bed as well! Wayne's gone out so it's just me! Wayne's parent's are coming down to visit this afternoon and bringing vegetables with them!

I didn't do so well at weight watchers this week - up 1.1 kilo's. How that happened I just don't know. I'm having to keep a food dairy this week and it's a bit of a pain. At least I went to the supermarket yesterday so I can write some healthy things in it.

Tomorrow we are going to attempt the 'Round the Bays' walk. We are taking all of the kids so that should be interesting!!!! The weather's not looking so great at the moment and if it's marginal I'm not going to risk it as the last thing I need is to be trapped around the bays with no way of getting home.

Til later .......