Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Telephone

When shopping for Coco's birthday present Trelise fell in love with a plastic telephone. I told her that if she managed to have no toilet accidents for the next week she would get it for a reward. For the last week she has managed to be accident free!!! It's a miracle!!! After creche today we headed to the Warehouse to pick up the phone. Lucky for us there was two phones left one was broken but the other seemed to be working. Of course when we got home the phone was indeed broken and she is absolutely heartbroken. Poor muppet has screamed and cried but has finally agreed to go back tomorrow and choose something else. I'm not looking forward to the return trip tomorrow.

The babies are getting more and more mobile. Jules is in the lead with ability at present but I see solid determination in Maddie's eyes so I'm expecting her to come from behind! They just love the jolly jumper and can jump and jump and jump! They had apple and mango delight for lunch today and they said it was absolutely delightful!

We seem to have medical appointments stacking up - in the next couple of weeks we have for the babies audiology appointments and the next round of immunisations, Trelise has a hearing check through creche and a appointment for speech therapy for Trelise. The speech therapy is a bit of a sore point as I don't think she needs it but creche think it will benefit her. We have just had the development therapist, a podiatrist through creche (looking forward to that report with the Oliver feet!) and a surgical consult. Plunket must be coming up as well!

Trelise's last word - while being driven to creche this morning - "Mummy lets race - Go Go Go!" She's the ultimate back seat driver!